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A No-Brainer

The GAP is your strategy - worth considering before you take the jump

Take time to think about how you want your brand to work for your business

Make Your Brand Work while you are asleep • A brand is the whole business image + perception + reputation + opinion  of customers + staff = forms the personality of your brand. A brand is what your customer’s think and feel about your business.
Our proven brand strategy process helps new brands establish themselves, and our brand refresh process ensures your brand is working as hard as possible for your business and impacting business growth.


Storm motivation

To understand how humans behave (think and feel) is the key to making your business, and brand work most effectively.  

Our values are reflected in our day-to-day behaviour. • Authentic • Networks • Thorough • Ingenious logic :

The essence + heart + soul of the brandstorm brand is – we IMMERSE ourselves into your business.

Your business will be perceived in a certain way, either by default or design. You choose.